On behalf of the Kreative Systems team, we would like to welcome you to our website.

The products we offer represent the shared efforts and commitment of our staff and suppliers who have brought together the best products available anywhere in the world.  Our access to these manufacturers allows us to consistently offer you the highest quality products at the most competitive price.

Kreative Systems is the Master Distributor for the Xenon product line. Xenon Pulsed Light energy is delivered with instantaneous power of several megawatts. This results in rapid inactivation of microorganisms, including fungal yeasts and molds, bacteria, rickettsiae, myco-plasma, and viruses.

Infectious diseases are a significant concern for the safety of people around the world. All microorganisms, with the exception of Mad Cow Disease, contain DNA. Pulsed Light from XENON deactivates DNA by photochemical, photothermal and photophysical methods. Classified as a sterilization agent, and determined by the FDA to be safe for the treatment of foods, food conveyors, food decontamination, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, clean rooms, pass-throughs, barrier isolation and more.

Whether you’re a multi-state, multi-national or government organization, look no further than Kreative Systems as the source for your Purex Filters and Purex Filtration Systems.

Kreative Systems is the Master Distributor for the Purex fume extraction product line. These are the highest quality Fume Extraction systems in the world.  Purex systems has the highest quality testing of their HEPA filters and exceeds all global regulatory standards for workspace environment protection specifications.

Kreative Systems will be introducing new products soon, as manufactures desire Kreative Systems to market and support their products worldwide. Kreative Systems can coordinate the rollout, with on-site installation, warranty, and post warranty support for all the products we sell.

We hope you enjoy learning about the products we offer, the manufacturers we partner with, and our commitment to providing only the highest quality products with exceptional service at cost effective prices to all of our clients. All of us at Kreative Systems look forward to working with you. Please let us know how we can serve your needs.