Decontamination of Food Conveyors

The food industry is all too familiar with food safety recalls. Many recalls result from the discovery of known pathogens in a product which can make consumers sick. Recalls subject companies to regulatory and commercial liability exposure, as well as requiring highly-visible product recalls. Despite industry efforts to reduce the risk, incidents of contamination persist, reinforcing the need for a chemical-free processes.

    • Continuously decontaminates food contact surfaces
    • Chemical-free process
    • Deactivates microorganisms in seconds, with no residuals
    • FDA approved for use with food
    • High germicidal power
    • Effective against E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, aflatoxins
    • No impact on food taste or smell when used as recommended
    • Bolts on to existing conveyor systems

Food is Only Half of the Equation

Keeping your food free from microbial contamination is paramount, which is why food processors work so hard to keep conveyor systems clean. Current methods including washing, steam cleaning and chemical sanitization are effective, but require the line to be shut down frequently, and for extended time periods to perform a sanitization cycle — a significant operating cost to food processors.

There is a Better Way to Decontaminate Conveyors

A growing number of food processors are choosing to incorporate XENON Pulsed Light systems into the sanitization regimen for their conveyors. With rapid pulses of high-energy UV light, microorganisms on food-contact surfaces are destroyed before they can grow and contaminate food products. These Pulsed Light systems can operate during production, providing continuous decontamination of the conveyors. This not only increases the level of protection but may also result in full wash-downs being required less frequently.


Scientific research on the impact of pulsed light on microbial contamination:

The Complete System In Action

Z-2000 Pulsed Light System Brochure

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